Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28

Toodee jumping on a trampoline. Izze and Jeremy have been taking turns throwing up all morning (early like 3:00). I've washed both comforters, sheets and extra blankets we've used throughout the gross process. I think they're done. At least I hope. But it has kept Izze confined to her bed most of the morning. So we drew a second scene (actually a bunch more, but this is our favorite) for her Gabba guys. I think I'll do a scene for each of them, just to take care of the next 3 days of photos.

Toodee Jump

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day: 27

Izze and I created a sunny day scene for Muno today.

Muno flies a kite.

Let there be light.

This is the light above our bed in our room. It's from IKEA and I love it. I think eventually I'll get a new light for us and this can be Izze's. I still love this light and it only took me 30 minutes to figure out how to put it together and 30 minutes to actually do it! :D
Day 26:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Teeth, iphone, skeleton

Day 23:
I didn't get a good shot. This was the only picture I took that day. But you can see Izze's teeth kind of.
I'm happy with the results of the surgery. I hope I don't have to go through it again.
Puffy Mouth. Day 23

Day 24:
Izze is so much a girl of the technological ages. She knows how to work a dvd player, a remote and most importantly an iPhone. I have her games and apps on their own page and she knows how to unlock the phone, how to scroll to her page and open the app. It's kind of awesome and slightly creepy. Haha... but more awesome. She was playing with my phone last night before she finally fell asleep. I love how unmanageable her hair gets sometimes. I refuse to cut bangs though. NO WAY!
Looking down. Day 24

Day 25:
This little guy. :D Casey and I both got one at the fair a few years ago. We wore them like earrings through the fair. I think it was when I was pregnant with Izze. Casey was Jeremy's best friend before I met him. They lost contact for a few years and shortly before I got pregnant with Izze we ran into him and Jessica (they were dating back then) at a screening for The Corpse Bride. We haven't lost contact with him since then and we don't plan on it. It's been awesome having him back in our lives. Also. With Casey I got Jessica. It took us a while to hit it off, but I'm so glad we did. She is one of the best friends I've ever had. She just gets me. :D Here's our little bonesy.
Bones. Day 25

Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Cake, Potty training and Surgery.

Day 20:
Izze loves Barack Obama and talks about him, like he's a super hero. She sees his face on TV and says "NARACK OBAMA!" She used to call him "Rocky Bama." She loves him. On Inauguration day we made a "Yes We Did" cake and Izze helped me. A vanilla cake colored red and blue frosting. Izze loves helping me in the kitchen, she really loves licking the beaters.
OH!! bama. Day 20

Day 21:
Izze's potty training. She's doing a great job. Filling up the chart.
Izze's Potty Chart.

Day 22:
Izze had surgery on her teeth. Everything went quickly, smoothly and I'm so glad it's over.
Glowy Toe.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 19.

Last night we let Izze "go swimming" in our tub. She loved wearing her swimsuit. She looks so cute in it. It's funny when she was first born, I guess when she was about 7 months or so, she had this little tiny bikini. Actually she had a few. It was funny on such a little lady, but I don't think I'd put her in it now. The idea of seeing her in a triangle top bikini doesn't say cute to me. I love clothes for her, it's not a joke, but the older she gets the more I see the pressure put on little girls, it starts at a pretty young age.

It makes me happy that I'm a cool mom, but at the same time, I know at which point that thin thin line between modest and immodest has been crossed. I can tell I'm going to be more strict with her than I thought. It makes me happy still,


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Being Vegan.

Day 17:
Vegan Whipped Cream
I love this treat: a ZenSoy chocolate pudding cup topped with way too much Soyatoo whipped cream. Izze loves it too.

Day 18:
I caved.
I have always been against the whole vitamin thing. Thinking what we eat should be healthy and be what essentially gives us our vitamins, but I learned something.
Toddlers are finicky eaters. Sometimes they just don't eat at all. About 2.5 months after Izze's doctor said she recommended vitamins to all her patients (especially on days they are fighting the eating thing), I set on a quest to find some vegan kids multivitamins. I actually found these at Whole Foods and the lady who was working the vitamin area let Izze try a sample. She liked them! Luckily there was a coupon there for them and the cashier mentioned every Tuesday vitamins are 15% off! Good news. Now when Izze refuses to eat anything all day, I can have a little piece of mind that she's getting some kind of nutrition.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wooden Crayons.

Jordan Brought these back from Peru when he visited in August 2007. I think they're adorable and so cute in Izze's room in a little white pot. But too cute to actually use. So in that pot they'll stay.

Day 16

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello Kitty, Hello Shoes

Day 14-
Even though I'm not a big fan of a room centered around characters or a goofy theme... I couldn't resist letting Izze pick the Hello Kitty comforter for her new bed. I already have a ton of Hello Kitty stuff which she has now inherited. This alarm clock is something I bought when I worked at Blockbuster when I first met Jeremy. Now Izze has it and loves it. She also just figured out how to turn the radio on on it. I do secretly love that Izze loves Hello Kitty. I didn't even really try to push it on her.

Day 14- Hello Kitty

I almost used this photo for today, because I thought it was funny.

Day 15-

It's funny that the day I started this project I took a picture of Izze's teal converse. I wrote how I excited I was that they still fit her and I thought they'd fit her into the Spring.

Just kidding.

She grew over night. Some of her pants aren't as long as they used to be... but they're still too long! And I realized her feet had grown when I went to put on some slip on vans on her. They were snug. So we headed to the mall to get some "MUCH NEEDED" new ones! haha!! At the Vans store I ended up getting some black slip ons with a UNICORN!!!! and at Journeys Kidz I got some black monochrome high top Converse. When the girl at the check out counter said she loved how cute little Converse are when they're so beat up and that I shouldn't get rid of them. I should display them somewhere. Well guess what. I already do! I've kept all of Izze's pink and black converse since she started walking. (Of course after we let Ella get some wear out of them too! :D) So here they are size 2, 3, 4, 5. This will be the first size Izze won't have black and white high tops, her new ones are all black.

Day 15- Izze's Sneakers

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ice Cream Day.

Izze and I love to have ice cream after lunch every now and then. We know ice cream isn't ice cream if it doesn't have whipped cream piled high with sprinkles too. I'm so happy that we can get whipped cream and ice cream and so many other things that are vegan, so easily.

Day 13

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photo Dump.

Just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I've forgotten to take my pictures.

Day Seven:
Day Seven

Day Eight:
Day Eight

Day Nine:
Day Nine

Day Ten:
Day 10

Day Eleven:
Day 11

Day Twelve:
Day 12

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Plexs?

Izze was cracking up all day yesterday that she now has two Plex figurines. She would put the rest of the gang in the car and when she'd get to Plex, she'd giggle. "Where do you go?" It was pretty funny.

Day Six-Twin Plex

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day Five.

Izze used her Christmas money to "buy" a Yo Gabba Gabba car that can fit all five Yo Gabba Gabba characters... that she didn't have. When she saw the car she knew she wanted it. I told her she could get the guys instead but we'd have to go to Toys 'R' Us later.

Then the cutest thing happened. She couldn't make up her mind. The car was stellar, but she didn't have the guys to go in it... but if she got the guys she wouldn't have the car to put them in. She told me, I want the guys, but they won't have a car, but I love the car so much, but no guys.

I told her she could earn the Guys if she went to bed without fighting with us. She did a great job last night, so I've been telling her all day we could go to get her guys after dance today. She fell asleep instantly when we headed out and she slept through the store and everything. I got them and saw the outfits for her baby named "Dolly." I got that too and dressed her in it.

When we finally got home, as I was tucking her in, she woke up a little so I showed her the new outfit. She was nearly in tears with tired excitement. She wanted to hold her when she fell back asleep. It was pretty darling.

My little girl really grew up to me today. In dance class she was a really good listener and followed along and was even a leader. She made me a proud mama/dance teacher. I'm so lucky.

Day Five:
I love every moment of being your Mama.

Day Five

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boredom Busters

Jordan broke his key off in his lock last night... and it took the locksmiths 2 hours to finally come help him out. At first they told us 30 minutes so we came back after about just that and they still hadn't shown up. We (mostly I) came up with a song for every letter of the alphabet by Morrissey or The Smiths. We couldn't come up with letters "K" "X" or "Z" and really "J" shouldn't count. I love Morrissey... oh yes I do.

Day Four

Here's the list for those curious.

A-Alma Matters
B- Boy With A Thorn in His Side
C- Cemetery Gates
D- Disappointed
E- Every Day Is Like Sunday
F- Frankly Mr. Shankly
G- Glamourous Glue
H- How Soon is Now
I- Interesting Drug
J- (That) Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
L- Last of the Famous International Playboys
M- Meat is Murder
N- November Spawned a Monster
O- Ouija Board, Ouija Board
P- Picadilly Palare
Q- (The) Queen is Dead
R- Redondo Beach
S- Suedehead
T-This Charming Man
U-Used to be a Sweet Boy
V- Vicar In A Tutu
W- We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
Y-You Know I Couldn't Last

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Day Three: Izze and I went to the library downtown today. Usually we go to Sprague in Sugarhouse, but every now and then we'll go there for a special day. Izze loves reading in the attic and the crystal cave. She loves that there are sooo many more books and that it's different than our regular old library. She also loves riding in the elevators, I mean what kid wouldn't?

I love this too. I love that Izze loves books. I love that she and I enjoy this together so often. I love that she enjoys little things like riding in an elevator. I love that my little girl is growing up into an amazing little person whom I love spending every day with.

Day Three- Going Up.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Every Day.

I decided to do a 365 project this year. I'm going to attempt to take a picture everyday of something that makes me happy, makes me smile, makes me laugh. I made this blog just to keep them organized.

Here are days one and two.

Day One

These are Izze's teal converse. I bought them from a friend early last summer, because her daughter outgrew them way too fast. I was worried she'd outgrow them fast too and it turns out her feet just aren't growing and they still fit. There's no question I love shoes... I love shoes for Izze even more, especially little Chuck Taylors. In This picture she's about to attempt a passe.

Day Two

Day two is a two for one! Nerf guns and my little brother! Izze got a Nerf gun for Christmas and I always had been so against gun toys, but we've been having a lot of fun with it, so we used some of our Christmas money to buy two more guns so we can all have one. We've had a lot of fun... but I keep finding those little darts everywhere. Also... Jordan is in the picture. During the Summer he moved to an apartment downtown and I've loved having him closer to us. He spends a lot of time at our house... well he always has, but it's easier for him to now.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.