Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have to do this all from the library...

because my computer is dying dying dying

Day 70:
Day 70

Day 71:
Day 80

Day 72:
Day 72

Day 73:

Day 74:
This is the day Jordan was held in contempt of court...

Day 75:

Day 76:
Picnic at the park.


Day 77:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another update.

Things have been super duper busy. So I guess you can just expect these HUGE posts instead of several with one or two pictures. A lot of pictures with my iPhone. If you need an explanation of a picture just ask.

Day 58
Day 58

Day 59
Day 59

Day 60
Day 60

Day 61
Day 61

Day 62
Day 62

Day 63
Day 63

Day 64
Gotta be honest... I'm a bit mixed up on my days. I know I skipped two days. I'm not sure if these are actually the days. But I think from here on out, I've got it right.
Day 65
Skipped a day.

Day 66
Day 66

Day 67

Day 68

Day 69
Day 69

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 57

Furry Friends

If you don't get why this is so funny, it's probably for the better. It's a little offensive and disgusting. But funny to me, none the less.

Also, I cheated. I didn't take this picture. Jordan did.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holy Update.

I am a little behind. I'm going to try and catch up.
Day 39: Decorating Valentine's and her bed and herself.
Sticker Situation. Day 39.

Day 40: Funny Face, but the only picture I took this day.

Day 41: Visiting Daddy at work.
Daddy's Work.

Day 42: Izze was doing "crafts" with these animal rights pamphlets. She was so mad when we wanted to put them away. She said, "don't take my crafts, away!"
Organized. Day 42

43: Valentine's Day Party
Valentines Party Day 43

44: Jeremy get's a promotion. :D That's his name on the door.
Jeremy's name on the door

45: Valentine's Day cupcakes, Izze and I decorated them for our friends and families and delivered them door to door at night.
Valentine's Cupcakes. Day 45

46: Two of the cutest kids I know.
Cute Kids.

47: A Part of Your World. Izze's new Ariel doll, we can't go many places without this doll.
Part Of Your World Day 47

48: Stack of clean blankets. Izze was so sick for nearly a month, that's why I'm so far behind on this post. I've had to wash these blankets and keep a rotation of them for her to snuggle up with... and then throw up on.
Stack of clean blankets. Day 48

49: This is the day my brother, Jordan resisted a grand jury and walked away. This was a good day. We were all so prepared for him to be in prison. He walked away. We stopped and got some chocolate and he got vegan hot chocolate before we went there.
Day 18.

50: Izze's pancakes. We're regulars at Vertical Diner... they love Izze and this time they drew a bear in her pancakes.
Vegan Pancakes for Punk.

51: Izze thinks it is so funny to climb in my dad's puppy's crate and pretend to be a puppy.
Crate Trained.

52: We took a quick overnight trip to Wendover to celebrate Jordan's freedom.

53: Picking up Izze from her grandma and grandpa's house. Balancing on Sydney's new stool.

54: Izze lined up her Yo Gabba Gabba figurines, she got Foofa for pooping on the potty and she got Brobee and Plex for Valentine's day.
Roll Call.

55: Izze's first day of preschool. Totally a darling Punk of her first day.
First Day of School.

56: Izze's pig puppet from her first day at preschool. So cute. She keeps telling me about the three pigs, but the wolf isn't really a bad guy to her, he just wants to tickle the pigs.
This little piggy.

Whew. I'm caught up! HOORAY!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

4 more out the door.

I had to laugh today... this year alone I've already taken 181 photos. It's only February. The other day Jeremy and I stupidly passed up another external hard drive... mistake. I don't think our computer will make it to April. I taste a new iMac in our future? Preferably something with a nice big monitor...

I digress...

Day 35:
Izze and I took our snowflakes down to replace them with hearts (to be pictured later).
Snowflake falling. Day 35

Day 36:
My little brother always talks about making an alphabet book with "found" letters. Here is a letter 'd' for day 36. At the Main Library downtown. Izze and I love the library. We go at least once a week, we make it a point to head to the downtown one pretty often too. And in March it looks like we'll be heading there more. I finally got Izze into the parent/toddler art class that always fills up. :D
D-d-d-don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Day 36

Day 37:
See those little empty spots where teeth SHOULD be? I normally wouldn't be happy about teething, but I am. I was so worried Izze had something wrong with her... she is pretty far behind with getting her teeth. But guess what I found that day? Two little white bumps pushing through. Izze is finally getting some canines... a year late.
Day 37

Day 38:
We took Izze to see Coraline today. Oh my gosh!! She loved it. I thought the Real 3D was AWESOME! You also know I'm a sucker for The Nightmare Before Christmas... Coraline was made by the creator of it. It was a lot scarier than I thought, but Izze loved it. She's a tough cookie. She has a soft spot for villians. Her favorite character in this show was the "bad mom" and she loves Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Malificent from Sleeping Beauty. That's my girl. Izze didn't really like the glasses, they were huge and she would have had to hold them in place the whole time. She opted to view the movie slightly blurry instead. Still loving it though.
3D glasses. Day 38

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Like a Tomato... catch up.

Day 29: I caught what Izze had and had no motivation. I took an iPhone picture. What am I happy about on such a crappy day? I love this hoodie, it's always made me feel better. :)
Sick... Day 29

Day 30:
Still super sick, sick enough to take Izze to her pediatrician and see what's wrong with us. I didn't think to bring my camera with us when I headed out. As soon as we get to the doctor's office she bucks right up and later decides she wants to visit Grandma and Grandpa, where she played hide and seek. Another iPhone picture, but at least I remembered. I'm so glad we're feeling better.
Another phone picture.

Day 31:
At my parent's house again, Izze woke up from a nap in a diaper and was LIVID! She wanted undies and guess who forgot to pack some? Luckily my mom stopped and grabbed a pack on our way to watch my sister's kids. I love that she's into undies now.
Lost It. Day 31

Day 32:
I almost missed this day! We had a late night, after a party for my Grandma Hansen who turned 87 today! Happy birthday, Grandma!! I remembered to snap a picture just before midnight. Izze woke up from a little nightmare and I snuggled her back to sleep.
Just before I missed it. Day 32

Day 33:
I love that Izze loves dance class. I love that she's in my class, but at the same time it's tricky. Sometimes she's the worst student I've ever had and at other times she's a really good listener and even a leader. I haven't decided if she'll be in my class next year or not. Before class Izze was running around the studio and I was trying to catch her to change her into her leotard. Then she realized how cute she looked and started hamming it up in the mirror. My mom made that cute skirt, she also made a matching one for Sydney and one for Ella and a matching blanket for Reese. So cute, THANKS MOM!!!!
Two Punks- Day 33

Day 34:
Brobee goes to Spain. Izze and I enjoyed ourselves for about an hour going through magazines putting her Gabba Guys into different scenarios. This was hilarious. Brobee in a bullfight.
Brobee goes to Spain- Day 34

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28

Toodee jumping on a trampoline. Izze and Jeremy have been taking turns throwing up all morning (early like 3:00). I've washed both comforters, sheets and extra blankets we've used throughout the gross process. I think they're done. At least I hope. But it has kept Izze confined to her bed most of the morning. So we drew a second scene (actually a bunch more, but this is our favorite) for her Gabba guys. I think I'll do a scene for each of them, just to take care of the next 3 days of photos.

Toodee Jump

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day: 27

Izze and I created a sunny day scene for Muno today.

Muno flies a kite.

Let there be light.

This is the light above our bed in our room. It's from IKEA and I love it. I think eventually I'll get a new light for us and this can be Izze's. I still love this light and it only took me 30 minutes to figure out how to put it together and 30 minutes to actually do it! :D
Day 26: