Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guess Who's Back At It...

:) I've taken a picture every day this year so far!

I'll post them later... I'm afraid of jinxing my streak.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


My mom has been bringing over things from her basement so they can finish it. She's been finding so many interesting things. I had so many toys I barely played with or I just wanted to "display." This is one of them. A Barbie in a wheelchair.
Wheelchair Barbie. Day 22

Izze still lines things up. Probably always will. There's always a reason for the order too.
Yo Line Up Line Up. Day 23

My pretty girl.
Assist. Day 24.

Days 14- 21

Day 14
Izze's "pink drink" and plastic tiara.

Day 15. Late Night.
Having a late night. We put up Izze's tent in our living room.

Early Morning. Day 16
I don't love when late nights turn into early mornings.

Love... Day 17
Ready for February to be here.

Gymnastics Day 18
Izze loves gymnastics. I'm so happy we enrolled her here.

Oliver. Day 19
Izze's fish Oliver

Day 20. It's good to be clean.
So fresh and so clean!

Defy Gravity. Day 21
defy gravity

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10, 11, 12, 13

I'm actually up to date still. I just haven't uploaded the pictures from the last 6 days! :)

Day 10. Carrot Cake
Day 10. Blue Carrot Cake. Izze insisted Jeremy use blue frosting on the carrot cake we took to my mom's for dinner. Blue food tastes better anyway.

Bow Holder. Day 11
Not the greatest picture... but I was so proud of making these bow holders and organizing Izze's bows finally. This isn't even all of them, she has one more long one for the little clips and Gymboree bows and a bucket full of other hair accessories.

Bob cut. Day 12
I really should be more creative with this photos... I just haven't a lot of motivation, but I should start what I finish. :) Izze got a hair cut, for some reason I can't explain what I really want even though I say, "I don't want it to look like everyone else's bob cut, I want it much longer in front." They can't seem to accomplish it. But she's still very cute and her hair will be back to her shoulders by summer.

Fish Face. Day 13
Getting ready for the day. She's so funny.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


9 days in and I'm still good to go. :)

Not feeling so well. Day 4.
Izze has a very sensitive tummy, usually we can expect her to catch a bug twice before she's over it.

Feeling better. Day 5
This time, she passed it on...

Sick Kids. Day 6
Jeremy had to call in to work. He NEVER EVER does that. Poor Parkin Fam.

Sing, sing a song. Day 7.
Izze loves this keyboard she got for Christmas from my mom and dad. She's got her drum set next to it and she could switch back and forth all day... luckily we have a "no instruments after dark without permission rule."

sleeping. day 8
Izze thinks naps aren't cool anymore, she gave them up in the summer. But every now and then she has to give in.

Pandas wear korkers too. Day 9
I finally buckled down and made some korker bows. I'm so happy, I think I'm addicted. Izze's panda friend let us model our new bows on him.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm giving it a go again. :)
I want to finish things I start. I'm feeling like I can do it this year. I've had a rocky start, remembering to take pictures, because we've stayed up really late every night with Jeremy's family. But I've managed to get somethings.

Day 1:
Ringing in the new year.

Day 2:
Late Night, Game Night
On our late night adventures with Jeremy's family, we've been playing all sorts of fun games.

Day 3:
Old keys.
Our old key rack. My keys are big and bulky and show just how much of a kid I'll always be, and Jeremy's are simple and all business. :)

I'm really motivated and excited to finish this this year. This will be my fourth attempt, the last three ending after about 3 months each.