Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm giving it a go again. :)
I want to finish things I start. I'm feeling like I can do it this year. I've had a rocky start, remembering to take pictures, because we've stayed up really late every night with Jeremy's family. But I've managed to get somethings.

Day 1:
Ringing in the new year.

Day 2:
Late Night, Game Night
On our late night adventures with Jeremy's family, we've been playing all sorts of fun games.

Day 3:
Old keys.
Our old key rack. My keys are big and bulky and show just how much of a kid I'll always be, and Jeremy's are simple and all business. :)

I'm really motivated and excited to finish this this year. This will be my fourth attempt, the last three ending after about 3 months each.

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