Saturday, January 9, 2010


9 days in and I'm still good to go. :)

Not feeling so well. Day 4.
Izze has a very sensitive tummy, usually we can expect her to catch a bug twice before she's over it.

Feeling better. Day 5
This time, she passed it on...

Sick Kids. Day 6
Jeremy had to call in to work. He NEVER EVER does that. Poor Parkin Fam.

Sing, sing a song. Day 7.
Izze loves this keyboard she got for Christmas from my mom and dad. She's got her drum set next to it and she could switch back and forth all day... luckily we have a "no instruments after dark without permission rule."

sleeping. day 8
Izze thinks naps aren't cool anymore, she gave them up in the summer. But every now and then she has to give in.

Pandas wear korkers too. Day 9
I finally buckled down and made some korker bows. I'm so happy, I think I'm addicted. Izze's panda friend let us model our new bows on him.